Matt Araiza claims that members of the Buffalo Bills organization “regularly check in” with him.

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In his first remarks to the public in more than a year, Araiza discussed how certain people at One Bills Drive have been in touch with him during the legal proceedings.

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Warning: There are references to sexual assault in this article.

Bills' Matt Araiza accused of gang-raping teenager while at San Diego State  | Buffalo Bills | The Guardian

Matt Araiza, an NFL prospect, made his first public remarks this week in response to reports that civil sexual assault charges against the former Buffalo Bills and San Diego State University (SDSU) punter had been dropped. In October 2021, Araiza was charged with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl during a house party close to the SDSU campus.

as stated by WIVB News 4’s Danielle Dawson and Zara Baker The 23-year-old Araiza from Buffalo made it clear that he has been in contact with various Bills organization members at all times during this process.

“Over the past year, layers and Bills organization members have kept a close eye on him and continue to do so.”

Araiza did not deny that One Bills Drive has been in communication with him over the past 18 months, but he did take issue with the way professional sports clubs have handled claims of sexual assault.

Both collegiate and professional sports teams ought to have the guts to say, “Look, we take these allegations seriously, but we can’t cut our guy until allegations are proven. We cannot force someone who has dedicated their entire life to this place to go.”

The NFL has the authority to add implicated players on the Commissioner’s Exempt list, but not individual teams. Even though they are not on the active roster, they continue to get pay while the lawsuit is pending. Buffalo Bills: Araiza was cut loose.


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