Buffalo Bills’ Dion Dawkins thinks referees need to be held accountable for bad calls

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Although his team won last weekend due to a bad call, Buffalo Bills‘ Dion Dawkins came out to defend the truth and a fair competition. The images of Patrick Mahomes fuming at referees after they flagged the one play that would’ve given the Kansas City Chiefs a victory is still fresh in people’s memory. That was also enough for Bills’ offensive tackle Dion Dawkins to come out and defend his opponent. Because he knows that refs also made mistakes against his team. Compared to other sports, American football does not have a system in place for refs who make consisten bad calls. Other sports like soccer does have this system and it kinda works.

Speaking on CBS Sports’ ‘The Zach Gelb Show‘, Dawkins said: “It’s ridiculous. So I don’t want to take no shots at the officials because they’re not all bad. And there is things that go missed and some that need to be seen, and I understand it, and they’re not perfect. But man, if we can get fined for little things, I just feel like everybody should be held accountable. You know, if they throw a flag and it’s holding, and we review it, and it’s not holding, they should get fined. And if Toney is offside, and he wants to appeal it, and it’s not then it should be reversed or something should happen but it’s just not fair.”

Let’s use soccer as an example, where every European country in which FIFA is affiliated has a set of rules for all their referees. Any ref who makes repeated mistakes will get either a suspension or he may be banned for life. However, no monetary consequence ever comes for these refs either. What Dawkins is proposing could make things more interesting because the refs will have that added pressure to games that seems more difficult. The idea is for the refs to seek as much perfection as they can when calling any game.

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