The Phillies’ top priority this offseason is this extension.

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According to a team insider, the Philadelphia Phillies must agree to an agreement with this player.

Now that Aaron Nola has signed a long-term deal, what will happen to the Philadelphia Phillies’ pitching staff going forward?

Of course, it’s an extension of Zack Wheeler.

That would seem to be obvious on paper. The fifth and final year of Wheeler’s contract is about to begin. In addition to winning 43 games with the Phillies, he was selected to an All-Star Game, came in second in the 2021 Cy Young vote, and played a fantastic role in the team’s last two postseasons.

But, there is one lingering question — age. Wheeler is entering his age 34 season and will entering his age 35 season in 2025, when he either hits free agency or gets a new deal with Philadelphia.

Per Phillies insider Matt Gelb of The Athletic, a Wheeler extension may be the Phillies’ most pressing need this offseason, in terms of players currently on the roster.

Both sides seem amenable to the discussion. In fact, Gelb reports that Nola’s new deal — which is for seven years and $172 million — actually helps, not because of the money but because Nola and Wheeler are close.

Thus, where does a pitcher who will turn 35 in 2025 and is probably seeking a five-year contract begin to negotiate a Wheeler extension?

Well, it’s hardly on par with many Cy Young winners who are destined for the Hall of Fame, like Justin Verlander or Max Scherzer. Scherzer is nearing the end of a $130 million, three-year contract. Verlander is in the latter year of a $86 million two-year contract.

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