Green Bay Packers Trail The Tampa Bay Bucs 13–10: 3Q Live Game Updates

JUST IN: Temper justice with mercy Packers coach says so.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will square off in a crucial game at Lambeau Field.

CB Carlton Davis III, OL Brandon Walton, CB Josh Hayes, S Ryan Neal, OL Devin White (healthy scratch), and QB John Wolford are the Bucs’ inactives.

Todd Bowles will speak with us after the game regarding White’s decision to sit out today’s game against the Packers despite his health.

– Packers Inactives: LB Brenton Cox Jr., T Caleb Jones, WR Samori Toure, RB AJ Dillon, CB Jaire Alexander, S Darnell Savage, and WR Christian Watson.

FIRST QUARTER: After winning the coin toss, the Packers decided to go straight to the second half. First to hit the field will be Baker and the Bucs’ offense.

Mayfield gains 11 yards and the first down for the Bucs when he connects with Godwin.

Rachaad White is found short by Baker, and he gains a significant 24 yards.

– On third down, Mayfield finds Godwin for a 12-yard gain to convert.

– The Bucs’ opening drive stalls and forces a field goal try after Mayfield is sacked on third down.

– To put the Bucs ahead 3-0, McLaughlin enters the game and makes a 39-yard field goal.

– Aaron Jones scuttles around for a huge gain of twenty yards.

– A 20-yard gain and a Packers first down are made when Jordan Love connects with Jayden Reed.

– The Bucs’ defense becomes more rigid in the red zone, stuffing Jones to result in a loss and forcing a fourth down.

On fourth down, Love looks for Reed, but the pass is incomplete and thrown over. At their own 4-yard line, the Bucs will take the ball.

– Green Bay takes possession inside the 5-yard line after Baker is strip-sacked and recovers.

For a Green Bay touchdown, Love finds his TE Kraft. The Packers take a 7-3 lead over the Bucs.

With one quarter remaining, the Bucs are behind the Packers 7-3.

In the second quarter, Mike Evans is found over the middle by Mayfield for a 14-yard gain.

Baker connects with Godwin for a huge 25-yard gain.

– Mayfield finds Evans for a 19-yard touchdown pass and catch once more. 10-7, the Bucs grab the lead back from the Packers.

Nelson and O’Connor work together to sack Jordan Love.

– Love gains eight yards and a first down after finding Kraft.

– Love connects with Kraft once more, this time for an impressive 36 yards.

Love finds Jones with a third-down ball, but Jones misses the maker.

– Green Bay’s Carlson enters the game and ties it at ten points with a 36-yard field goal.

– Edmonds gains his first touch of the game after Hainsey’s false start, sprinting for a gain of nine yards.

– Mayfield is hit while throwing, resulting in an incomplete third-down pass. The Buccaneers are going to punt.

Love searches for Reed, but the pass is not fully completed. On the play, Christian Izien receives a pass interference warning.

– Love gains 11 yards and another first down when he connects with Doubs.

– Despite appearing to want to go for it on fourth down, Green Bay is penalized for their second delay of game. They are going to punt.

Mayfield gains 8 yards when he finds Godwin and 16 yards when he connects with David Moore.

– Mayfield finds Godwin again, this time for a gain of twenty-five yards.

Mayfield is sacked, costing him nine yards.

– Goedeke fouls out for holding and takes the Bucs out of the field goal range. 29th and 2nd are the dates.

– Mayfield gains 24 yards when he hits Godwin deep.

– Baker’s third-down pass was incomplete, so the Bucs will try a field goal just before the half.

– After McLaughlin enters the game, the Bucs lead 13–10 after he makes a 46-yard field goal.

– The Buccaneers lead 10 to 13 going into the half.

THIRD QUARTER: Love attempts a ball to Reed on third down, but it is incomplete. It’s a punt from the Packers.

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