Regarding Ohio State’s roster losses due to the transfer portal, what impression should supporters have of it? Stephen, hello!.

SAD NEWS: Ohio State’s Roster Losses due to Transfer Portal, What….

Hello, Stephen I can get why some players are leaving, and I know that this is the new normal in the NCAA, but it seems like OSU has had a disproportionately high number of guys leave this year. Will anything more happen? Players seem to be losing trust in the program, virtually. — 937

Hi there, 937: When you look at it at face value in a bubble without any context or comparison to what other programs might be doing, 14 persons in the transfer portal appears like a significant number. Essentially, the four teams remaining in the running for the national championship and participating in the College Football Playoff are Alabama, Michigan, Texas, and Washington. These teams are the only ones who haven’t had a significant number of players leave their program during this window, which runs from December 4, 2023, to January 2, 2024.

It is anticipated that former Ohio State starting quarterback Kyle McCord would commit to Syracuse.
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Even they haven’t been exempt entirely; Malik Murphy, the backup quarterback for the Longhorns, entered the season with just 30 days remaining because of the numerous key events that were crammed into that time, including staff changes, postseason play, the portal, and Signing Day.

The Buckeyes’ 14 transfers are about comparable to those of some other programs throughout the nation that ought to be vying for a position in the 12-team playoff moving forward:

15 players from Georgia, many of whom were five-star prospects or among the top 200 recruits coming out of high school, were lost to the portal; 16 players from Florida; 17 players from Oklahoma, including Dylan Gabriel, the starting quarterback; 15 players from Penn State; 21 players from Texas A&M, many of whom were from the highly anticipated class of 2021 recruits; and 13 players from USC were lost to the portal.



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Thousands of gamers are presently using the transfer portal. This is due to a variety of factors, including an excess of college football players because we are still in the window for those who were granted an additional year because to COVID-19, athletes searching for better chances, and even those seeking a more lucrative NIL position. and a great deal more.

There’s no guarantee that Ohio State’s losses via the transfer site are the product of good or bad decisions made by the program. The fact that many third-year athletes are opting to play in a New Year’s Six bowl while thinking about remaining for a fourth year should give you greater confidence if you’re concerned about a possible culture problem in Columbus.

All of the transfers that are occurring are simply a result of the new normal in college football, which is something that everyone must get used to as things will only become busier.

According to head coach Ryan Day, “it’s inevitable.” “I believe that at first, it was use it when necessary. However, given the current state of affairs, I just believe that most teams will experience turnover every year. We plan to have a large number of guys join the portal beginning on December 4. As a result, you will need to build your roster annually, which is exactly what we will do.

“It is no longer a situation where you have to decide whether to use the portal or not. It is a feature of collegiate football. There’s a lot of pride in that locker room, so we’ll make sure we’re doing a terrific job of finding the appropriate people who suit the program.


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