MLB rumors: Yoshinobu Yamamoto meeting hosted by the Phillies, Clayton Kershaw considering 2024, Blue Jays considering veteran bat

ESPN: Phillies head coach has tender his resignation letter to the manager.

MLB rumors: Clayton Kershaw undecided on 2024, Phillies meet with Yoshinobu  Yamamoto, Red Sox search for pitching - DraftKings Network

The 2023–24 offseason’s “After Ohtani” (A.O.) phase has officially begun. The biggest name may be taken, but there are still a ton of interesting free agents and trade targets available. That implies a constant stream of gossip about hot stoves. In relation to that, the supply for Thursday is located directly below.

Phillies and Yamamoto meet
According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the impending Japanese ace, visited with the Phillies on Thursday as part of his ongoing free-agent tour. Most major-market teams are interested in acquiring Yamamoto, and the Dodgers, Yankees, and Mets are said to be the front-runners in no specific order.

Yamamoto is anticipated to place a bid that exceeds $300 million. Click this to see why teams are optimistic about his ability to make the leap.

Martinez appeals to Jays.
The Blue Jays need a DH for 2024 after passing on the previously stated Shohei Ohtani and probably saying goodbye to free agent Brandon Belt. According to Keegan Matheson of, the Jays “have interest in [J.D.] Martinez as a veteran run producer.” A few days prior.

Martinez would definitely be a great fit for Toronto, who hopes to make the playoffs for the third time in a row in 2024. Martinez was rated by CBS Sports as the No. 22 available free agent heading into this offseason. This is a portion of our article:

“Considering that Martinez just had another fantastic season at the plate, this rating may seem harsh. It’s crucial that teams pay for what is and what will be rather than what was because, as Martinez approaches his age-36 season, they might notice some indications of a downturn in his play. Most notably, he whiffed on almost 45% of his swings against non-fastballs, which contributed to his career-worst strikeout rate. Martinez overcame the rise in strikeouts and empty swings by continuing to hit the ball with tremendous force when he connected. Maybe that will hold true for a minimum of another season. However, it’s understandable if teams discover that they’re more fond of some of the other DH possibilities available on the market.”

Martinez had an outstanding season with the Dodgers the previous year.With 113 games played, 271/.321/.572 with 33 home runs and equitable platoon splits.

Kershaw is unsure about the 24 team.
The seasoned southpaw Clayton Kershaw, who has played for the Dodgers his entire career, stated on Wednesday that he is unsure of his plans for the upcoming season. While he continues to recover from shoulder surgery that will postpone the start of his 2024 campaign, Kershaw told AM 570 LA Sports that he is still talking about the situation with his wife, Ellen.

“I think the competitor in me doesn’t want it to end the way it did,” he stated. “I’m hoping to prevail. To win another World Series is my goal.”

The Dodgers have made it known that they would like to sign Kershaw again. He has stayed with the organization on a number of one-year contracts in recent years. In April, Kershaw stated to Mike Piellucci of D Magazine that he would only think about pitching for the Rangers or the Dodgers. “Probably not the way an agent wants you to do it,” he laughed. Whether Kershaw has stuck to that position is unknown.

M is being contacted about Bryce Miller.
The Mariners currently have an unusual amount of young, controllable starting pitching; therefore, a deal makes sense given their pressing needs in the lineup and their need for rotation support elsewhere. It remains to be seen if Seattle will agree to it, but as Jon Morosi notes, they have recently received questions about Bryce Miller in particular.

The 25-year-old right-hander Miller is coming off a rookie campaign in 2023 in which he tossed 131 1/3 innings with a 4.32 ERA and a 4.58 K/BB ratio. His repertoire is extensive and includes a fastball from the mid-1990s. Miller, a former top-100 prospect with excellent leadership and a significant amount of team control left, would undoubtedly bring in a sizable haul for Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto. However, for the time being, the M’s appear happy to stay put.

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