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ESPN: Positive comments are not required to be left in….

Tennessee Lady Vols lose to South Carolina in SEC Championship

My literary collaborators noticed the Lady Vols’ latest collapse and corrected me. I had started to believe that viewers were content with the show’s current state.

I can’t recall the three less flattering games that the show has possibly had in sequence.

First, they lost to Notre Dame 74-69 on their home court after blowing a 16-point lead. In a 78-58 home defeat to Ohio State, they then appeared as though they had never seen a full-court press before. Then, they fell against MTSU 73-62 for their first-ever loss.

It was noted by my readers.

Ed writes: I’ve been a Lady Vols fan for longer than I’d like to admit. This is, in my opinion, the worst team Tennessee has ever fielded. I will stop talking about them now as I have nothing good to say about them.

My response: It’s not necessary to leave positive remarks in this case. Don’t keep anything back the next time. You will be more appreciated by the readers.

Mike asks: What keeps Kellie Harper working at her employer? Her Lady Vols squad has a losing record and is unable to defeat Middle Tennessee. To make matters worse, her spouse is also employed with UT. What a joke.

In response, I said, “Not only is she working.” In April of last year, her contract was extended till 2028. Danny White, athletic director of UT, stated in a statement that the extension was made: “The Lady Vols have a commitment to excellence, and I look forward to watching her program continue to rise under her leadership.”

Glenn writes: If Pat Summitt could see how the Lady Vols flip the ball, she would turn over in her grave. They lost both games (17 against Notre Dame and 20 against Ohio State).

Players’ inattention and recklessness lead to turnovers. And inadequate coaching is to blame for this. unadulterated and basic.

My response: The Kellie Harper era has been marked by a lot of turnovers. They can be overcome if you possess sufficient talent. But Rickea Jackson, the Lady Vols’ finest player, was forced to miss both games due to injury.

However, Jackson’s assistance versus Ohio State was invaluable. It was a humiliating defeat.

Even more humiliating was the loss to MTSU.

Terry notes that it sounds like you were making fun of contributor Negative Mike when you said, “then, on the next play he might drop a pass that any of my readers could have caught.”

I said, “Not at all.” By now you should be aware that I don’t often criticize my literary writers. But they foment internal strife among themselves.

Remember that I have several contributing Mikes. As of right now, you are the only Terry, but others of that name are most welcome.

As another Mike points out, never forget that FSU actually plays in a mid-major conference.

I promised my friend Wade, who plays for UNC, that FSU would never lose a conference game in the century after the school joined the ACC in 1990. They really lost one against Virginia, I think, on a late, contested call that moved the ball a foot.

What, then, has made Clemson so special over the past few years? They were present at the same meeting.

My answer: Florida State might have had the best team in the nation if quarterback Jordan Travis hadn’t been injured.

Even in a weaker league, you can still have the best team. In their two wins over Alabama en route to national titles, Clemson demonstrated this. Among those wins was a blowout.

Colorado Mark writes: The Commissioners are pleading with Congress to use legislation to address their NIL issues. That is currently the most ridiculous thing I have heard about NIL. It would be like inviting the mafia to run your casino to expect that group to repair NIL.

ADAMS: Vols supporters would have made Schiano Sunday appear like a picnic if a 13-0 Tennessee team had missed the CFP.

My response: Maybe college officials need to have considered the potential consequences of NIL legislation. However, that was perhaps asking for too much.

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