Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur Describes His Choice Regarding Troubled Joe Barry.

WHY: Packers Head Coach Describes His choice of sacking one of His Player…

On Sunday, Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the Green Bay Packers’ defense. With Joe Barry as defensive coordinator, how will the Packers move forward?
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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin: Coach Matt LaFleur stated on Monday that Joe Barry will stay as the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, despite conceding the most yards and points in a home game in his three seasons there.

A day following the humiliating 34-20 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in which Baker Mayfield produced a flawless 158.3 passing rating, LaFleur remarked, “Yeah, that is the plan.”


He declared, “We’d make that decision if I thought that [firing Barry] was the best course of action right now.” “But the thing that disappoints me the most is that there was poor communication when you’re supposed to be in a certain coverage or rotation and you’re having basic communication issues, and we’re not getting that communication.” And as coaches, we are the ones who always start it.

It is the responsibility of the coaches to position and prepare the players. That viewpoint made the defense’s issues on Sunday seem like an anomaly rather than a recurring pattern.

“We’ve done this stuff before,” LaFleur remarked.

Green Bay allowed just 17.4 points per game throughout a five-game run in which they went 4-1, defeating the Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, and Lions but losing to the Steelers. But after Tommy DeVito, a rookie dual-threat for the Giants, left the Packers open-minded, Mayfield “shredded” them.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur won't fire Joe Barry, but his reason made no  sense

Barry wasn’t completely off the hook by LaFleur. LaFleur questioned Barry’s decision to play too much soft coverage on third-and-short, as he has done numerous times.

LaFleur remarked, “Hopefully, we can learn from that and not make that same mistake twice.”

After back-to-back upset defeats, LaFleur “absolutely” stated he will play a larger part in ensuring that the communication is clear for the next three games as the Packers (6-8) try to make the playoffs.

“I need to ensure that we’re all in agreement with those guys by being more attentive,” LaFleur remarked. It is evident that the first stage is for our staff to ensure that all 11 of our coaches are in sync. However, if even one coach is off, things may quickly spiral out of control and expose you. Regretfully, yesterday we were exposed very badly.

In 2021, Barry was appointed coordinator of defense. The 34 points surrendered against the Bucs during his tenure is a record for the most in a Lambeau Field game. The highest totals were 452 yards, 353 net passing yards, and four touchdown passes.

Following two games in which he completed 14 of 29 passes, Mayfield embarrassed Barry’s defense by completing 22 of 28 passes for 381 yards. His four touchdown throws were nearly equal to his six incomplete passes.

Mayfield completed nine passes for more than twenty yards. With Brock Purdy’s 13.63 yards per attempt against Seattle last week, he had the second-highest yardage per attempt in the NFL this season.

LaFleur spent Sunday night and Monday morning watching the game by himself. Later on Monday, he joined the staff in watching the game.

Every time she watched it, the same thing appeared, according to LaFleur. “What’s disappointing is that we have self-inflicted communication errors and guys who are, quite frankly, not in the right spot when you go out there and it’s basic concepts, doesn’t matter what phase, but basic install – like Day 1 install.” That’s difficult to witness.

The Buccaneers possessed nine items. They ran out the last four or so minutes, scored on six, fumbled once, and punted once.

Barry was supported by the players, to be honest.

Eric Stokes, a cornerback, expressed confidence in the game plan on Monday. There are numerous things that we as a defense failed to do correctly. There are numerous instances where we review the footage and find that many individuals are not aligned correctly or performing their assigned tasks.

Before placing the blame elsewhere, there are many small things we may do to make amends with ourselves. You have to tell yourself, when you look in the mirror, that you did everything correctly. You can’t hold someone else accountable if you didn’t follow through on things.

Green Bay’s defense, which came into the game riding a league-high nine-game winning streak of 24 points or fewer allowed, played an unbelievable and appallingly bad game.

Since defeating Atlanta 43-37 at home in 2014, Green Bay has not conceded more points in a home game. Since Matthew Stafford of the Lions tossed five touchdown passes in a duel with Matt Flynn in the 2011 season finale, it has not allowed more touchdown passes in a home game.

At Lambeau Field, Mayfield’s flawless passer rating was the first of any visiting quarterback. The only other quarterback to record a perfect rating against the Packers was Vince Evans of Chicago, who accomplished so in a 61-7 victory at Soldier Field in 1980.

In the end, if communication is the root of the issues, why is it still an issue after 14 games?

“I’m just as shocked as you are at this moment,” LaFleur remarked.

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a long explanation that really amounts to, “I’m too cowardly to make a tough decision.” Allow me to explain how this will proceed. 1-2, 2-1—either way, you’ll miss the postseason. In order to allow the cowardly MLF one more season with a dismal result the following year, Gute will fire Barry in the off-season. Gute…

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