Back in April, former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Etan Thomas had an interview with Mikey Domagala of the sports media company called NBA Buzz. Amongst Michael Jordan stories, Thomas recalled the one time he watched Kevin Durant work out and get asked to stop .Thunder!!!

"Take the Ball From Him": Former Teammate Recalls When Kevin Durant Had to  Be Stopped From Working Out Too Much - EssentiallySports

“I just told a story about watching Kevin Durant work out. And watching that he’s the only player that I ever saw where a coach said to him, ‘that’s enough, go home. Stop working out. Take the ball from him.’

“I’ve never seen that happen before. I literally saw Scott Brooks tell him to go home, one time after he was working. That’s how hard he was working out. That was like amazing.”

Talking about how no one sees how much hard work goes into becoming as good as KD is, Thomas continued,

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