Rangers will be extremely busy throughout the transfer season since Philippe Clement is expected to be their top target soon.

Philippe Clement welcomes hectic Rangers schedule ahead of Benfica tie |  STV News

The manager must make every dollar matter because he is aware that he will be shopping on a tight budget, and Nils Koppen will have his hands full taking calls regarding possible arrivals and departures.

There has been talk of Rangers making an early transfer move in an attempt to bolster Philippe Clement’s defense and provide him with the team he needs to win the Scottish Premiership.

Jose Cordoba’s Rangers fee explained

Ibrox is reportedly Jose Cordoba’s next destination after leaving Levski Sofia, and Clement will sign him as his first summer signing.

The amount is around £3.2 million, as stated in Panama, but there is more to the story.

Although Clement is aware that funds will be limited this summer, he is optimistic that he will still be able to get the players he needs:

We are aware that our competitors have greater financial resources than we do because they currently own Champions League money. Therefore, we and the recruitment process need to be more creative.

“You have to work harder if your opponent is more wealthy and able to spend more money. To improve things, that must be the challenge. We need to locate more affordable, superior players.

“The player with the highest value at the end isn’t always the one who costs more.”

Rangers must make wise purchases during the summer transfer window.
Rangers need to use their imagination when it comes to their summertime transfer business.

Oscar Cortes is back on a loan-to-buy agreement, which is encouraging because it delays the payment of a player who is currently able to make an impact.

Regarding Jose Cordoba, the £3.2 million agreement appears to be much better when you consider that the 22-year-old will only require a £2 million down payment; Scott Burn of The Daily Record reports that the trade is “on.”

Rangers need to guard against guys who might not be a sure thing.

For Cortes, it stems from the hamstring surgery he had right as his career was taking off.

As for Cordoba, with 10 international caps to his name, it’s because of the step he is taking to a team where a draw is as painful as a defeat.

It’s impossible to predict how a player would adjust to unfamiliar situations, particularly under extreme pressure.

Physically, Cordoba is attractive, but as the past few weeks have shown, the final few inches can make all the difference between success and failure.

It is one thing to check boxes for a player trading model; it is quite another to determine whether players have the potential to win titles and bear the burden of expectation.



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