This offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers plan to trade for stars. That designation, however, can still be used to a broad range of NBA players. Furthermore, uncontrollably unexpected recent events may change their intentions even further.
Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers might, however, have a secret weapon in the form of a trade target they already have a connection to. Zach LaVine, star with the Chicago Bulls.

Like Lakers players LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Jarred Vanderbilt, LaVine is a client of Klutch Sports Group. When he was seen approaching the former two during the agency’s pro day for its upcoming class of prospects, which included Bronny James, he caused a stir among fans.

The social media team at BetMGM asked, “Why was Zach LaVine with LeBron and AD?” on May 22 on X, utilizing the now-famous meme of ESPN’s Brian Windhorst making speculative gestures to emphasize their point.

Fans quickly noticed that Klutch and the other two stars had prior relationships.

However, that wasn’t the only post making theoretical assumptions. Both the Lakers and the Bulls are starting what could be crucial offseasons. The Bulls missed the playoffs for the seventh time in the previous seven years, while the Lakers were eliminated in the opening round.

“Until next year, guys,” a fan commented alongside a digitally altered photo of the group.

Even as James was speaking with LaVine, a fan tried to read his lips and eventually came up with “My dog.”

Not everyone thinks LaVine will sign with the Lakers or that this means anything.

Even though the regular season has concluded, there have been a number of potential changes to the offseason landscape since the trade deadline in February, which may have an impact on the players the Lakers are able to sign. Zach LaVine Might Be the Lakers’ Most Economical Trade Target.

The Atlanta Hawks are expected by rival teams to look into trade options for Dejounte Murray and Trae Young. But their perspective might change if they are selected first overall in the 2024 draft. A candidate such as Alexandre Sarr provides a different course of action.

Donovan Mitchell, a star player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, may decide to sign an extension, which might lead Klutch client Darius Garland to want a trade. In that case, would Cleveland cooperate with the Lakers for Garland?

For the most of the last two years, LaVine has been tradeable. However, the Bulls’ high asking price from before has proven to be a barrier. As he enters the third year of a five-year, $215.1 million contract, he has injury concerns.

Nonetheless, the two-time former All-Star might offer the best trade-off between acquisition costs and on-court performance. And following yet another disappointing season, the Bulls might be itching to move on. The Lakers’ Releasing Dependency on LeBron James.


James supported obtaining LaVine before the deadline. The Lakers, though, had other priorities. Thus, trade negotiations between the Bulls and the Pistons began. However, LaVine ended the season early due to a foot ailment that required surgery.

There were rumors that the surgery’s schedule, as well as the choice to have it done, were made to keep the deal from closing.

However, LaVine might still have a difficult time joining the Laker organization.

“I believe that James wants to be aggressive because that’s his default,” Sam Amick of The Athletic stated on “The Rich Eisen Show” on May 17. “Now that the trade for Russell Westbrook fell through, LeBron has lost his spark in Laker Land. He simply has. It’s strange that they haven’t listened to him as much because the story and the notion that Klutch Sports controls the Lakers are completely untrue. Most of the time, they are told no quite a bit.

The Lakers have a lot of players and draft capital available for trade. However, a dearth of viable targets and a possible steal of a price for a downgraded player asset in LaVine might finally push the two parties toward a transaction.

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