Alex Corretja recently took his official X (formerly Twitter) to share his overwhelming feelings about Rafael Nadal’s return to Rolland Garros. “When you see the images of Rafa Nadal arriving at the Roland Garros facilities and then watching him train on the

center court, you realize that this @Rolando 2024 is going to be EPIC no matter what happens! We will be in @Eurosport_ES and @eurosport for another year! @Rafael ” tweeted Corretja. Given that, this French Open might be Rafa’s final attempt before he retires, the whole tennis fraternity including fans, is very emotional a

Nadal played his last French Open in 2022, where he bagged the tour’s title. However, after that, he had to refrain from attending professional matches due to his injury. Nadal’s hip surgery didn’t let him perform for the last year lowering his rank to 276. Nevertheless, his fans were counting days for his recovery to see him unleash his magic. Given that Rafa also announced his retirement after this season, his attendance at any tennis tournament seems very special to his fans.

Nadal and the French Open tour are certainly two eternally linked phenomena. Why shouldn’t it be? Debuted in 2005, this Mallarcan played 115 matches in Rolland Garros, among which he proudly won 112 matches. Needless to say, Rafa’s track records on clay courts are the reason why fans are so desperate to watch him play in Paris.

Former Spaniard tennis player Alex Corretja’s statement reveals the exact emotion of fans, who can’t miss the chance to see their icon play in the French Open. Not just Rafa’s old colleague but the Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic also highlighted the Spaniard legend’s incredible performances on the French Open tour.

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