Throughout the Los Angeles Lakers star’s career, LeBron James has done an incredibly good job of almost eliminating Skip Bayless. All of the criticism that Bayless has continuously directed at James has not stopped LeBron from refusing to interact with the outspoken broadcaster.
Skip Bayless offers unbridled praise for LeBron James after dominant  performance vs. Cavs - Lakers Daily

Without a sure, Bayless is the “biggest hater outside the NBA,” in Green’s opinion. The former player for the Warriors made the decision to confront the FS1 host during an appearance on Shaquille O’Neal’s This Big Podcast.

When it came to exposing Skip’s constant criticism of LeBron, Draymond did not hold back.

It was impossible for Green to resist making fun of Bayless’ FS1 show, which the four-time All-Star feels is “dying.”

To be fair, Draymond hosts a successful basketball talk show of his own these days. This puts him in a position, I suppose, to mock the divisive 72-year-old.

Regardless of the situation, you can be certain that Green will defend his friend LeBron without hesitation, even if James doesn’t want to.

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