Sean Farrell, a 2020 draft prospect for the Montreal Canadiens, was considered a steal by many. But Farrell is coming off a debut professional season marred by injuries.

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Many fans are discounting Farrell’s chances of making the NHL after his rookie season with the Laval Rocket of the AHL with other prospects overtaking him in the depth charts. Will Farrell pursue his professional career elsewhere, or does he still have an NHL future with the Montreal Canadiens?

Sean Farrell was selected by the Canadiens in the fourth round, 124th overall, following an outstanding USHL season. With just 53 games played, Farrell ended his USHL season with 101 points. Still, his stature caused him to drop in the selection rankings. At just 5’9″ and 175 pounds, Farrell is quite little. Numerous scouts questioned whether Farrell would be able to adapt to the physical demands of the professional game.

After his draft, Farrell would keep proving people wrong. He played for Harvard for the next two seasons, scoring 81 points in 58 games overall. But it was Farrell’s Olympic performance in 2022—six points in four games—that really made him famous. Later same year, at the 2022 Men’s World Championships, he likewise finished with six points in ten games.

Sean Farrell hasn’t had the same level of success in the previous year, despite his outstanding performances against elite men’s competition. At the conclusion of the 2022–2023 season, Farrell signed his entry-level contract with the Canadiens, where he spent a brief time. In six games, he managed just one point and didn’t appear prepared for the NHL. He played with Laval the next season, when he put up respectable stats with 28 points in 47 games. He was unable to maintain his health, though, and sustained numerous ailments all season long. This raised doubts about his ability to withstand the demands of the National Hockey League.

There is currently a logjam at forward for the Canadiens. To complete their top six as soon as possible, they also expect to sign a few impact forwards. The depth charts ahead of Farrell have a lot of experienced players and young impact players, which doesn’t look good for his chances of breaking into the starting lineup.

Farrell has also been harmed by one of the richest prospect pools in the NHL. Farrell was formerly regarded as one of the organization’s best forward prospects, but other prospects have since eclipsed him. Oliver Kapanen, Owen Beck, Emil Heineman, and Joshua Roy are a few examples.

The main issue with Farrell is that he is a man who depends entirely on talent to succeed. Despite his extraordinary skills, he won’t be able to fully showcase it unless he plays a part in the top six. Farrell will struggle to break into the Canadiens top six, though, with their front-row logjam and the likelihood of adding a number of impact players and prospects.

The squad will probably consider players like Beck, Roy, Heineman, and Kapanen as a bottom-six forward because they are physical, two-way players with some attacking upside. Farrell, on the other hand, is not among the team’s worst six players because the same cannot be said of him. His future with the team is therefore uncertain.

For these reasons, a lot of fans have written off Farrell’s chances of ever playing for the Canadiens. Still, after just one professional season, it would be unreasonable to write off Farrell’s chances of ever playing for the Habs. However, the Canadiens can decide to trade him for a more potent forward in order to acquire him in a package. In either case, Sean Farrell’s future with the Canadiens will be greatly impacted by the next year or two.

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