Nick Saban: 2024 Alabama Season ‘Was Difficult for Me from a Health Standpoint

Nick Saban’s surprise decision to retire

as Alabama’s head coach on Wednesday was done in part because he couldn’t do the job in the way that was required of him.

Speaking to ESPN’s Chris Low, Saban said the 2023 season was “difficult for me from just a health standpoint” even though there’s nothing “major” wrong with him.

“It just got a little bit harder,” he explained. “So you have to decide, ‘OK, this is sort of inevitable when you get to my age.”

Saban issued a statement on Wednesday announcing his retirement after 17 seasons with the Crimson Tide:

“The University of Alabama has been a very special place to Terry and me. We have enjoyed every minute of our 17 years being the head coach at Alabama as well as becoming a part of the Tuscaloosa community.

It is not just about how many games we won and lost, but it’s about the legacy and how we went about it.

We always tried to do it the right way.

The goal was always to help players create more value for their future, be the best player they could be and be more successful in life because they were part of the program.

Hopefully, we have done that, and we will always consider Alabama our home.”

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