Brad Marchand says the quiet part out loud after taking controversial hit: ‘Part of playoffs is trying to hurt every play

Brad Marchand has missed the past two games of the Boston Bruins’ second-round series against the Florida Panthers.

The infamous winger was taken out of action by a controversial hit from Panthers forward Sam Bennett that many from the Bruins side believe was a disguised punch to the head rather than normal hockey contact.

Marchand was asked to comment on the play for the first time after Boston’s skate on Thursday and decided to say the quiet part about the NHL postseason out loud.

“People don’t want to say it but part of playoffs is trying to hurt every player on the other team and the more guys you take out the more advantage your team has,” Marchand said. “People don’t say that but that’s just a fact of the game. So, every time you step on the ice, someone is trying to hurt someone.

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