Well, obviously we’re very disappointed about the outcome of the game.

I don’t think we played great in the first half, but I was really, really proud of the way our players played in the second half.

We just didn’t finish the last four minutes of the game like we would like to, and we’re all very disappointed, and the players are disappointed, as well.

But one thing that I told them in the locker room after the game, this is one of the most amazing seasons in Alabama football history in terms of where this team came from.

what they were able to accomplish and what they were able to do, winning the SEC Championship, and really, really proud of this group.

I just wish that I could have done more as a coach to help them be successful and help them finish, and all we can do now is learn from the lessons that sometimes failings bring to us.”

Coach Saban, what does this mean to have the opportunity, first of all, to play in the Rose Bowl Game, the granddaddy of them all to you, as a coach?

“Yeah, I grew up in the Big Ten, coached in the Big Ten for 12 years, and it was win the Big 10 Championship, and go to the Rose Bowl.

That was always special.We’ve had several opportunities to do it, but this is a great atmosphere here today.

It was a great football game.

Congratulations to Michigan. They played a really good game.

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