In his brand-new podcast, “Mind the Game,” LeBron James and former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick enjoy dissecting basketball. James opened up about the Celtics during their postseason series over the Pacers in their most recent episode, focusing on one of Joe Mazzulla’s strategies.
Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum defends against Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James (6) during the first half of an NBA basketball game

In the last seconds of overtime in their thrilling victory over the Pacers in Game 1, Boston chose to foul as Indiana tried to mount a late comeback, taking a six-point lead. The play limited Indiana to two tries at free throws while forcing the Pacers to the line and keeping Boston’s lead at three points.

James praised the transfer to Redick, saying that “Joe Mazzulla is an incredibly talented man.” I’m becoming to like this Joe guy the more we converse.

On his Old Man and the Three Podcast, Redick has also been quite complimentary of the Celtics this season, but James was not only happy with Mazzulla’s strategies. In the interview, he also discussed his behavior on the floor.

James remarked, “I see why he sits over there and says absolutely nothing and he’s calm as f***.” He only becomes somewhat irrational when he realizes they’re not playing with the proper offensive strategy. It is never hostile. Never because of the three-point tries is the reason. Never, ever is it when a team scores a run. He is composed. He just becomes a little irate when they don’t play the game correctly.

After taking over the Celtics job in 2023, Mazzulla sent an invitation to Redick to join his team as an assistant coach, but Redick turned it down. He is currently rumored to be James’ next head coach at the Lakers, where he will have competition from Mazzulla and other elite players in the league. If James’ remarks mean anything, the Lakers might be attempting to implement some of Mazzulla’s Boston techniques after their team’s lackluster first-round loss to the Nuggets this season.

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