Joe Burrow’s return to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2024 is highly anticipated, after he suffered a season-ending wrist injury the previous year. The Bengals’ offense will be greatly impacted by Burrow and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase this season, which might result in a hefty salary for Chase. Chase is due for a massive contract extension as he begins his fourth season in the NFL.
Ja'Marr Chase 2023 Player Profile | Reception Perception

Chase recently showed up at a nearby football camp alongside former Bengals running back Joe Mixon. He covered a wide range of subjects, including his quarterback Joe Burrow and his health.

Chase says he is feeling “100 percent.” It appears that he has dedicated the offseason to two main goals: maintaining his physical fitness through a rigorous training schedule and ensuring that his “body is right.”

Chase has made these his top priority following a season in which he missed a game due to a shoulder ailment and had to play with a bad back. Additionally, he witnessed the season-ending wrist injury of his quarterback.

As he’s been telling me, the only thing I’m teaching Burrow to do is know when to turn off. This is what Chase stated. “You’ve become an expert now. You need to learn how to unwind occasionally if you’re experiencing hand twitches. Like me and my hip, that is. I notified Zac Taylor, the head coach, about my hip pain, and he allowed me to adjust as needed for the games.

Chase has not attended OTAs, but he will be in Cincinnati next week for the required minicamp. But when he had an opportunity to play catch with Burrow in April, he says Burrow looked fine.

Chase remarked, “We felt comfortable about it.” “I am already acquainted with Joe. He has a strong character and heart. And he’s a working individual. [Burrow] is going to put everything he has into anything he does.

Justin Jefferson extension could earn Ja’Marr Chase a larger contract.

Vikings Positioned to Land Prime Free Agent After Jefferson's Extension

Ja’Marr Chase has stated publicly that before he accepted a contract extension with Cincinnati, he wanted his old LSU colleague Justin Jefferson to sign one.

The Vikings recently signed Jefferson to a four-year, $140 million contract extension, which was the first shoe to drop. With this contract, which includes $110 million in guaranteed income, he becomes the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

In the NFL, the wide receiver market is constantly rising as players compete to break new records. The foundation for Chase’s representation as the beginning point in talks with the Bengals may be laid by Jefferson’s deal.

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