Rafael Nadal ousted in first round at French Open. Was this his last at Roland Garros?

In 50 years, in 100 years, for as long as this earth is spinning and they play a tennis tournament on the red clay of Roland Garros, the display listing its men’s champions will never cease to be a marvel of human endurance and brillian

Imagine what our future descendants will think, what questions they will ask, when they look at that name listed 14 times.

How did Rafael Nadal Perera do it? What kind of physical mastery and mental desire did it take to dominate a Grand Slam from his teenage years until his late 30th? And did it end by his own choice, or did time finally tell the great Spaniard, “no mas?”

The first two questions will always be part history, part mystery. The third was answered Monday − not yet definitively, but symbolically. Even on his favorite surface, at his favorite tournament, one of the game’s best players of yesterday was no match for one of the game’s best players of today.

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