As of late, there have been reports of anonymous NFL general managers saying they expect Bears quarterback Justin Fields to be moved. That would likely mean it would indeed be Chicago that takes Bryce Young with the first overall pick. But for as many execs as are said to have that thought, I’ve talked to a few coaches who seem to think the opposite.

See, it’s not very often that the team with the first overall pick doesn’t need a quarterback. And for as many holes as the Bears have to fill on their roster (offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, pass rusher, wide receiver and on and on and on), they can’t afford not to acquire extra draft capital — for this year and for next.

That’s the other thing. I want to caution against anyone saying Chicago can cash in the postseason after one offseason, even when the Bears have eight draft picks and more than $100 million in cap space to try to make it happen. They could potentially be looking at another first-round pick in 2024 — if they play their cards right.

Which is exactly what Bears general manager Ryan Poles could be doing.

Poles already seems to have a heck of a poker face. All of this could just be his way of manipulating the aforementioned rumor mill. The Bears are in control of the board right now. What they do will create a domino effect. They’re already going to get a haul for the first overall pick. But what could they do to sweeten the deal at this point?

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