At least some talented players are making good money out of the UFL and effectively converting it into an NFL opportunity.
Justin Tucker, opera singer: How Ravens kicker developed his hidden talent  at Texas, during NFL days | Sporting News

UFL kicker Jake Bates was signed by the Detroit Lions to a two-year contract, as his agent Marty Magid reported to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Washington Commanders and Green Bay Packers both shown interest in Bates.

When Bates hit the game-winning 64-yard field goal for the Michigan Panthers in the season opener, he immediately made an impression in the UFL. Given that Justin Tucker’s NFL record is only two yards away, NFL teams took notice right away. It attracted enough attention that their coach was forced to caution NFL opponents not to make improper contact with the kicker.

Due to his success in the league, Bates becomes the second player from the UFL to sign a deal with the NFL. Even while it might not turn out to be a talent factory, at least some athletes are taking advantage of the chance.

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