Sad News: The owner of Indiana fever Herb Simon has finally announced to add his prayers another salary but on one condition because…

The document also included a note from Herb Simon that said Bren Simon had been in litigation with Melvin’s children regarding his estate since 2009.

Herb Simon’s filing said he has ‘consistently and earnestly’ tried to help the family resolve the issues as an effort to ‘uphold the Simon name, to preserve some measure of family harmony, and to facilitate the charitable giving that his brother Melvin intended under his estate plans’.

The brothers became billionaires from their Simon Property Group shopping mall business.

Bren Simon is currently also in litigation trying to recover more than $21 million in federal taxes she paid, saying the Internal Revenue Service improperly interpreted as a gift the $83 million that her husband received from the Pacers ownership reorganization.

The brothers reorganized the Pacers ownership after Melvin no longer wanted to help fund the team, which had been suffering financial trouble since 2004, missing the NBA playoffs four years in a row in the following years.

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