NBA NEWS: Alabama head coach perished instantly in a vehicle accident, along with his…

Bobby Hurley, the head coach of Arizona State Sun Devils, and his brother Dan Hurley, the head coach of UConn University, are in line when dominating the top seeds on the basketball court. While Dan’s Huskies are preparing for today’s hunt against the Final Four debutant Alabama Crimson Tide, earlier this season, Bobby Hurley secured a fourth-consecutive win over Washington. If you didn’t know already, Bobby’s popularity stems from his NBA career, unlike his younger brother Dan who is well-known in the coaching world.The 52-year-old coach suffered numerous life-threatening injuries after the crash, including collapsed lungs, shattered ribs, a severed trachea, a fractured shoulder blade, a compression back fracture, and other troubles with his legs and wrists. Wieland himself suffered some injuries including a fractured femur. Later, he was found guilty of reckless driving and given three years of probation and a $300 fine. Wieland, however, didn’t apologize to Hurley and his family until 2012.


Hurley undertook a miraculous recovery in the years that followed, beating all odds to make a comeback to the NBA. When he returned to the Kings for the next season, he shocked both teammates and coaches alike with his toughness. While he may not have been the same player that he used to be, Bobby showed signs of his old talent, especially when coming off the bench. Given his consistency, he was traded to the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1998, where he played twenty-seven games before being waived on January 25 the following year. After this, he joined Dan Hurley in the exciting NCAA career that followed

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