To be brutally honest: Players at Leeds United are called out for home truths in the dressing room.

To be brutally honest: Players at Leeds United are called out for home truths in the dressing room.
To be brutally honest: Players at Leeds United are called out for home truths in the dressing room.

With three losses in 15 games, Daniel Farke has guided Leeds United to third place in the Championship. He has also used a ruthless approach to create a unique atmosphere in the locker room.

Inside Leeds United’s dressing room, mirrors are held up and brutal honesty reigns as Daniel Farke does away with politeties between himself and his team.  Farke has discovered that football players do not want their shortcomings to be overlooked or their poor performances to be minimized in an attempt to promote harmony and camaraderie within the team.

With nine additions and eighteen departures during the summer, Farke inherited a roster that was constantly changing and a hierarchy that was moving beneath him.

With just three losses in 15 games, the team has been led to third place in the Championship despite this and their four months on the job.

Farke is thrilled with the camaraderie that staff members and players are creating behind the scenes. It has taken patience for the tide to

‘To be brutally honest’ – Inside Leeds United dressing room home truths with players called out

Daniel Farke has taken to Leeds United to third in the Championship with three losses in 15 matches and fostered a special dressing room atmosphere with a cut-throat approach

Leeds United have cracked the code on a dressing room culture everyone enjoys (Image: Danny Lawson/PA Wire)

Mirrors are held up and honesty is brutal inside Leeds United’s dressing room as Daniel Farke dispenses with the niceties between him and his squad.

In an effort to foster unity and camaraderie inside the club, Farke has found footballers do not want weaknesses to be ignored or bad performances to be sugarcoated.

With 18 exits and nine arrivals over the summer, Farke was inheriting a roster in flux and a hierarchy shifting beneath his feet.

Despite that and despite being in the job for four months, the team has been steered to third in the Championship with only three losses in 15 matches.

Farke is very happy with the chemistry players and staff are generating behind the scenes. Patience has allowed the tide to turn in an outfit relegated five months ago.

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“In order to create unity, you need to be patient and obviously you work on this topic from day one and create an atmosphere of truth,” he said. “I like to be, especially inside the dressing room and inside our meetings, to be brutally honest and also to speak about weaknesses and the areas we want to improve.

“My feeling is also the players like, and want, this honesty and also the truth and not just some hidden compliments or whatever.

They want to have a mirror and to speak about the areas where we have to improve and where individual players have to improve.

“This is quite crucial, but I also like to give them an atmosphere of trust and backing, but step by step it’s more or less like if you’re patient then something has grown.

You have to be careful because you need a bit of time and patience until something new grows, but you can ruin this spirit and togetherness pretty quickly.

You always have to stay awake and aware especially once you lead a group of players each and every day to be on it and stay focused on making sure everyone is really on the same page. You can ruin it if you’re not on it, this atmosphere and unity pretty quickly.

“At the moment, I have to say it’s an easy task for myself because the players and also the staff, I have to praise them as well, are really brilliant and they all buy into it and create an atmosphere where it’s really a joy to be at the training ground each and every day and to work with them.

That doesn’t mean we sugarcoat any performances or situations.

“We’ll still be pretty self-critical because we want to have the highest demands and to play and perform at the top level, but at the moment, I have to praise them a lot.”




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