Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Provides an Update on Ja Morant.

Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Provides an Update on Ja Morant
Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Provides an Update on Ja Morant

Despite the fact that Ja Morant is still serving a 25-game NBA suspension, he is still getting ready to make a comeback.

A fresh update on Morant was given by Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins prior to the team’s Sunday afternoon victory over the Clippers.

Jenkins stated, “He participates completely in all of the team’s activities, including dinners, film sessions, individual workouts, and social gatherings in the hotel room after games.”

During the suspension, Morant is completely off the field and training on his own schedule. Ja Morant will be prepared to go bac­k when the time comes.

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He’s pushing every button possible to get himself as prepared, but also help this team as best as he can through his brilliant IQ, his care factor, his voice, his presence, the spirit he brings,” Jenkins said.

“It’s been awesome to see him take on, I don’t want to say a leadership role, but just his investment in the group has been awesome.”

It could be very easy for Ja Morant to feel discouraged and down during the Grizzlies’ rocky 1-8 start to the season, but he’s keeping his attitude right – that’s what the team needs, too.

Jenkins remarked, “He’s maintained a really positive attitude throughout this. “I understand that his absence from the team can be upsetting for him. We are aware of the situation.

Ja Morant’s return is essential for the Memphis Grizzlies as he is a fiery catalyst for the group.

Jenkins needs the team to play like the exciting Grizzlies of old the moment he takes the court. Ja Morant should be able to provide that spark.





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