It’s impossible to see Jordan Pickford’s response on camera to Kieran Trippier’s transfer to Newcastle.

It's impossible to see Jordan Pickford's response on camera to Kieran Trippier's transfer to Newcastle.
It’s impossible to see Jordan Pickford’s response on camera to Kieran Trippier’s transfer to Newcastle.

Newcastle United defender Kieran Trippier is close friends with England team-mate Jordan Pickford but the former Sunderland goalkeeper did not hide his displeasure when the defender joined the Magpies

Jordan Pickford was ‘not too happy’ when his England teammate moved to Newcastle United, according to Kieran Trippier.

Naturally, Trippier was the first player signed in the new era, having left Atletico Madrid’s Champions League life behind to face immediate relegation with Newcastle almost two years ago. That risk was profitable.

Trippier, 33, was a constant as Newcastle finished in the top four for the first time in more than 20 years last season. He also contributed to the team’s survival attempt prior to suffering an unfortunate ankle injury.

The only player who has created more goals in the Premier League this season than the right-back is Pedro Neto of Wolves, despite the fact that Trippier and his jaded teammates have appeared to be feeling the full effects of a demanding schedule recently.

During the international break, Trippier will now team up with Pickford and the England team for the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Malta and North Macedonia.

Even though Pickford is still one of Trippier’s best friends on the team and in football in general, the former Sunderland goalkeeper wasn’t afraid to express his emotions when he found out about the veteran’s transfer to Newcastle almost two years ago.

Trippier said, “We always have banter,” to Sky Sports. “When I first came here, he wasn’t too happy that I had signed here.

Isn’t he from Sunderland? I’m not really able to convey what he said on camera. Of course, there is fierce competition. I would really like to play this game.

They must remain in the Championship, isn’t that right? That’s the small jab. The little punch is there!”









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