Which past champions won’t be competing for the 2025 Champions Trophy?

Which past champions won't be competing for the 2025 Champions Trophy
Which past champions won’t be competing for the 2025 Champions Trophy

The teams competing for the Champions Trophy in 2025 have their fates decided by the World Cup 2023.

Pakistan will host the Champions Trophy in 2025, and eight players have already qualified for the competition.

The eight participating countries will be determined by the World Cup 2023 table, as announced by the ICC and its members.

The top eight teams, including the host nation, Pakistan, have now guaranteed their spot in the Champions Trophy in two years.

Afghanistan’s cricket team has qualified for the Champions Trophy for the first time in their history after an incredible World Cup 2023 campaign.

This is a huge step forward for international cricket thanks to the team, which won four World Cups.

For their ninth trip to the Champions Trophy, India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England, and Pakistan are all set. In contrast, Afghanistan is making its first appearance, and Bangladesh is getting ready for its sixth.

Even though there are eight confirmed players, two notable absences stand out: two past Champions Trophy winners will not be competing in the next tournament.

Which past champions won’t be competing for the Champions Trophy in 2025?

West Indies: There will be no participation by the West Indies in the Champions Trophy held in Pakistan.

The Calypso boys won the competition in England in 2004 and have competed in every previous edition.

They won the ICC trophy for the first time in 25 years that year after defeating the hosts England in the Final by two wickets.

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Sri Lanka: Because of a lower Net Run Rate than Bangladesh, Sri Lanka was unable to secure a berth in the Champions Trophy.

The Island nation participated in every previous tournament edition and won the competition together in 2002. In that edition, they faced India in the final, and the match was canceled on the reserve day as well.

These two enormously influential players will be missed in Pakistan, and all we can hope for is that they both make a quick comeback in the 2029 Champions Trophy.

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