Dyche might receive something different with Dele’s return to the Everton first team.

Dyche might receive something different with Dele's return to the Everton first team.
Dyche might receive something different with Dele’s return to the Everton first team.

It appears that Dele Alli is getting close to being fully recovered from his injury after a protracted absence.

His inclusion back into the starting lineup might present the Everton manager with a fresh offensive option.

He has flattered to deceive ever since he signed with the Toffees on deadline day at the end of January 2022, only hours after Frank Lampard took over as the team’s new manager.

With the exception of a few fleeting appearances while wearing an Everton shirt, fans have not witnessed any of Dele’s quality or ability to alter the course of games.

Due to his World Cup and Champions League experience, which no other Blues player possesses, he was once considered one of the most desirable players in all of European football.

He finally left the team and relocated to Turkish football in quest of playing time and an attempt to rekindle his passion for the game after failing to secure a spot under Lampard.

Before moving to Goodison Park, the former MK Dons player appeared to have completely lost his way during his final years in North London.

Nevertheless, he had little effect in Turkey and later sustained an injury; this, together with his inability to demonstrate previous form, meant that his loan was repaid.

After completing his recuperation in England, Dele has been performing warm-weather training in the Middle East.

First of all, there’s no reason to believe that Dele will inevitably get back to his previous level of performance for either club or nation right now as he hasn’t been there in a very long time.

However, Everton could benefit greatly if the former England and Spurs player could find a way to resurrect a performance along such lines.

Even while there are many signs that the Toffees under Sean Dyche may have finally turned the corner, the season will probably still be a lengthy, arduous grind to make sure there isn’t another relegation battle.

Lack of ball carriers in the midfield is one of the team’s lingering problems, despite the fact that their attacking potency has undoubtedly increased.

The departure of Alex Iwobi, who was traded to Fulham on the final day of the summer transfer window, has significantly exacerbated this issue.

He offered his management that option in spite of all his shortcomings.

Even though Dyche has been mostly utilizing Abdoulaye Doucoure as a sort of number 10 to attempt to link midfield with the attack, Everton’s attackers still struggle from time to time to get enough help.

Even though I highly doubt he would start, a healthy Dele may provide Dyche with a useful substitute from the bench.

However, there is a significant issue, and that is the transfer agreement he signed when he came to the Blues with Spurs.

It was designed to enable the team get past FFP regulations by stating that Everton wouldn’t be required to pay a significant sum unless he had participated in a specific amount of games. That was the plan, at least!

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