Ohio State Buckeyes Players Heard About QB Kyle McCord Transferring in Different Ways

Some Ohio State Buckeyes players heard about Kyle McCord’s transferring through social media, while others were told days earlier.

The transfer announcement from Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Kyle McCord came as a shock to many people across the country, including some of his teammates.


During a player availability on Tuesday, several Buckeyes players recalled how they heard about McCord’s intention to spend his senior year of eligibility somewhere else.


Ohio State defensive tackle Tyleik Williams said he remembers McCord giving a cryptic announcement in the locker room to him and some of the other players, saying he was ‘going to explore other opportunities.’ This experience differed from that of offensive lineman Josh Fryar and defensive tackle Donovan Jackson, whom both learned of McCord departure through posts on social media.


McCord threw for 3,170 yards and 14 touchdowns in 12 games with the Buckeyes, leading his team to victory over two, then-top-10 opponents Notre Dame and Penn State. However, fans were quick to throw flack at McCord on social media whenever he would make a mistake, which many believe to be the motive behind his transferring from Ohio State.


Whatever the reason, McCord’s leaving has now thrust sophomore quarterback Devin Brown into the starting position. The Gilbert, Arizona native shared reps with McCord through the first few games this season, and is projected to be behind center for the upcoming Cotton Bowl against No. 9 Missouri.


Brown was “caught off guard” when he learned McCord had entered the transfer portal. After calling McCord one of his closest friends, Brown said McCord was a great teacher and deserved more praise than what he received for his effort.


“He went through a lot, and I feel for the guy,” Brown said. “There was a lot of tough moments. And he grew throughout his career here and built as a leader and built as a player. Being able to sit behind him and watch him grow really helped me look back and kind of think about the things I should work on and grow from.”

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