How the Packers could be directly impacted by the Chargers benching Brandon Staley

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Brandon Staley gets defensive after Chargers lose to Packers - Los Angeles  Times

The Green Bay Packers may be affected by the Los Angeles Chargers’ decision to fire head coach Brandon Staley, since it may have an impact on teams throughout the league.

The Chargers are in shock following their 63-21 loss to the Raiders, but when the season is over, the head coach position will likely be at the top of the list of positions that prospective candidates find most alluring.

What will happen to Staley next? After leading the Los Angeles Rams defense to dominance in 2020, he was hired by the Chargers.

The Packers could be impacted by the Staley firing in two ways that are possibly noteworthy.

Chargers may acquire the offensive coordinator of the division opponent Packers.
There aren’t many better places for future head coaches to land than the Chargers. Although they have just finished a poor season, they have the opportunity to start a new chapter with a new general manager and head coach.

The quarterback situation is not a concern for the new coach. With Justin Herbert, the Chargers can contend in the AFC.

Let’s introduce Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions at the moment. In the forthcoming head coach job cycle, he is one of the most sought-after names.

Johnson has led the offensive comeback for the Lions. He took over an offensive that finished 22nd in 2021 and turned it into the fourth-best offense in the league the previous season. Detroit is ranked third in yards per game and sixth in points per game thus far this season.

In Johnson’s offense, Jared Goff has displayed some of his best football play to date. Goff has completed 65.9% of his throws for 7,887 yards, 50 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions since the 2022 season began. Johnson could do amazing things with Herbert.

If Johnson were to leave the NFC North and carry his offensive strategy to Los Angeles, the Packers would be overjoyed.

Despite being the strongest team in the division, the Lions’ offensive output in 2024 may suffer greatly if Johnson leaves.

Can Joe Barry be replaced as the defensive coordinator for the Packers by Brandon Staley?
Joe Barry’s status in Green Bay could be decided by the last four regular season games.

When defending a lead against teams who prioritize passing, the Packers can afford to be careless with their coverage and play subpar run defense. When they play against teams that can run the football, though, it’s the other way around. This season, Barry’s team has allowed more than 200 running yards in four different games. What’s worse is that he keeps making the same mistakes and doesn’t seem to learn from them.

Staley’s name may come up if Matt LaFleur chooses to switch defensive coordinators.

Similar to LaFleur, Staley is a member of Sean McVay’s coaching family. LaFleur has desired a system like this in Green Bay for his defense, one that is akin to that of Barry and Vic Fangio.

Hire Staley, should LaFleur? That’s a whole different question. The Chargers defense, like the Packers in Barry’s scheme, has performed dreadfully under Staley. In 2021 and 2022, Los Angeles’ run defense was among the worst five. Staley is frequently chastised in pass defense for his lenient coverages.

However, Staley is the best option available if LaFleur wants to keep the defensive coordinator in place and stick to the same scheme. If the pressure of being the head coach was removed, maybe Staley could start again in Green Bay. In practically every measure, his Rams defense led the NFL in 2020.

Packers supporters might not agree, but Staley’s name might be very near the top of the list if LaFleur decides to move on from Barry.

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