Buffalo Bills’ Dion Dawkins thinks referees need to be held accountable for bad calls

A Letter to Bills Mafia, Pt. II

Dion Dawkins, of the Buffalo Bills, stepped out to defend the truth and fair play even though his team won last weekend because of an incorrect mistake. People still remember the pictures of Patrick Mahomes becoming upset with referees after they called the one play that would have won the Kansas City Chiefs the game. Dion Dawkins, the offensive tackle for the Bills, felt it was sufficient enough to come out and defend his opponent. Considering that he is aware that the referees misled his squad as well. American football lacks a framework in place for referees who consistently make incorrect mistakes when compared to other sports. This approach is used in other sports, such as soccer, and it sort of works.

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Dion Dawkins discusses his fix for this problem.
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Dawkins stated on “The Zach Gelb Show” on CBS Sports: “It’s absurd. I don’t want to criticize the authorities because not all of them are awful. Furthermore, certain things are meant to be noticed and some are missed; I get that; they’re not flawless. I mean, I think everyone should be held responsible if we may be fined for small offenses. You know, they ought to be fined if they raise a flag and it stays up, and when we check it, it doesn’t. Additionally, it’s unfair if Toney is in error and tries to appeal but is denied; in such case, the decision need to be overturned or something else ought to occur.”

Using soccer as an example, each European nation that is a member of FIFA has a set of regulations that apply to all of its referees. A referee who commits the same infractions over and over again faces suspension or permanent banishment. But these referees never face financial repercussions either. Because the referees will be under more pressure to call games that seem harder, Dawkins’ proposal might make things more fascinating. When officiating a game, the goal is for the officials to aim for maximum accuracy.

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