Rangers supporters are talking a lot this week about Albion Rrahmani.

Albion Rrahmani shënon qysh në debutim te Rapidi i Bukureshtit - KosovaNews

The 23-year-old striker from Kosovo has scored 19 goals in 30 appearances for Rapid Bucharest, and he is currently linked to Rangers in Romania, Scotland, and Kosovo.

Albion Rrahmani is a dynamic, mobile forward who has a lot of space to grow and fits the Rangers’ revised player trading plans perfectly.

However, Rangers seem to be up against it trying to convince the striker to sign, with interest reportedly shown by teams like Benfica, Aston Villa, and Napoli.

It appears that Rrahmani was filmed during his final performance in front of the Rapid Bucharest supporters, as he appears to be bidding a tearful farewell.

Says Rrahmani, Goodbye quickly?

Albion Rrahmani played 73 minutes last night in what may have been his last game for the team as the Romanian SuperLiga came to an end.

Even though the Kosovans were never able to score, a 2-0 triumph over FCSB, the Romanian champions and rivals in the city, isn’t exactly the worst way to go out.

However, following a thrilling season in Bucharest, Rrahmani was seen in a video applauding the Rapid fans, which is likely to cause some people to wonder what will become of the forward.

He wasn’t acting quite this emotional over finishing in sixth place, something tells us.

Pro Sport, a well-known Romanian football website, also offered analysis on the tape. They mentioned the local commentary team in addition to mentioning Rangers’ interest.

According to the story, there was a whole minute of chanting after Rrahmani was substituted. Digi Sport commentators are quoted as saying: “It looks like a breakdown! Perhaps they have knowledge that we do not.

Rangers have “strong” interest in Rrahmani.

By now, everyone knows that Albion Rrahmani is wanted all over Europe.

Rangers will undoubtedly be a desirable option for the striker, but we don’t blame you for holding onto your powder given the Champions League competition and exorbitant asking prices.

However, a prominent voice in the Rangers fan community has recently asserted that Ibrox has a “strong” interest in the striker.

During the Rangers Review’s Morning Briefing (about 4:30), Four Lads Had a Dream’s Stevie Clifford discussed the early transfer links for this summer.

Clifford added, “From what I’m led to believe, there is strong interest in both of them,” in reference to the Jose Cordoba reports.

“We’re definitely interested in both of these boys,” Clifford later said, “and it might be a little bit more advanced than what we think.”



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