The Los Angeles Rams, who brought back much of their core, including quarterback Matthew Stafford, had high expectations for the 2024 season.
How has Matthew Stafford been the architect of historic pass-catching  seasons? | Marca

Stafford just had a fantastic 2023 season in which he led the Rams back to the postseason and demonstrated that, despite being 36 years old, he is still a great quarterback capable of staying healthy.

Having said that, Stafford stated at the 2024 NFL Draft that he would like to amend his deal to include additional guaranteed money.

Although Stafford has a contract that runs through 2026, just $15 million is guaranteed over the last two years of the agreement. Stafford’s desire for more guaranteed money at this point in his career is understandable given the salary that quarterbacks receive nowadays, and he is deserving of it.

Since signing Stafford in 2021, the Rams organization has supported him, and they will probably reward him by giving him a contract guarantee, though that hasn’t happened yet.

Stafford has continued to assist his team in getting ready for the 2024 season despite this, attending Rams organized practice sessions. Head coach Sean McVay stated there is no update on Stafford’s contract during his Tuesday media appearance.

The same as when we last spoke. We’re basically holding everything in-house,” McVay declared.

However, McVay did note that Stafford is expected to attend the required minicamp, which starts the next week.

Stafford is a great team leader who should be highly respected for prioritizing the team over his contract predicament.

Given that McVay just stated that he wants Stafford as his quarterback as long as he’s willing to play, it’s puzzling why the Rams haven’t given him a contract. Nevertheless, since everyone seems to want the deal to go through, it will probably be completed before the season.

Matthew Stafford of the Rams is praised highly by C.J. Stroud.
The NFL has taken notice of Matthew Stafford’s play at this point in his career, especially from quarterback C.J. Stroud of the Houston Texans.

Recently, Stroud praised Stafford highly, stating that he is one of the few quarterbacks he studies who can learn sidearm, no-look throws, among other things. Additionally, he stated that if Stafford had received the same kind of support throughout his career as Aaron Rodgers, he would likely have more Super Bowl rings.

Perhaps Stafford will have the opportunity to contend for his second ring in 2024 with the Rams sporting a strong roster right now.

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