We are aware that the Canadiens intend to strengthen their offensive line this summer. The good news is that there are two forwards available on the market: Trevor Zegras and Martin Necas, who are expected to be dealt in the upcoming weeks.
Dynamic forward Trevor Zegras agrees to 3-year contract extension with  Ducks | CBC Sports

Elliotte Friedman, however, dashed expectations that Necas might wind up in Montreal earlier today. Not that he said it was impossible. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the Hurricanes most likely won’t find what the Habs are searching for.

The good news is that Zegras are still a possibility even though it appears doubtful that Necas will visit the area. Or perhaps not.

Pierre LeBrun claims that the Habs are unwilling to meet the Ducks’ asking price for Zegras. The amount of such cost is unknown to us. But, we are aware that Kent Hughes is unwilling to make the payment.

Evidently, Pat Verbeek’s asking price will soon decrease in the real world. But, it’s reasonable to think that a bidding war will break out because the Habs aren’t the only team interested in Zegras.

It appears more likely that the price will increase than decrease.
Similar to Necas, this does not imply that Zegras will not undoubtedly visit Montreal. However, let’s just say that in the last several hours, there has been a significant decrease in the likelihood of any of these two guys showing up in the city.

We’ll see whether Kent Hughes can work out a deal with the Ducks or the Hurricanes, but it appears increasingly likely that a guy selected fifth overall this summer will be the team’s major offensive enhancement.

Unless, of course, another forward becomes available.

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